After capturing and sharing an iPhone image of yesterday’s blue hour and overcast sunrise, I received a comment on my Facebook page that read “Feels like summer is gone”.  And, she was right.  We just had our first near heat wave of the entire Summer that ended with an incredible lightning storm.  I had actually gone out on this Sunday hoping for some great clouds and light as remnants of the atmospheric disturbance but ended up with a very muted sunrise.  It did indeed feel like we were in the very last days of Summer in Marblehead.

As it turns out, my parents were in town for a few days and so I took them and the kids to Crocker Park a bit later as they had never seen Marblehead Harbor at peak capacity.  Once there, I broke off at one point to see if I could capture the float in its last week of service for the year.

I wandered over to this side of Crocker Park and composed an image to include the great tree standing lush, the harbor filled with boats, blue skies and cumulus clouds in the distance and the empty but still there float.  As sad as it is to admit, I think this is the last days of Summer in Marblehead.