Summer Days at Castle Rock

Before the storm came through on Sunday night, I had gone out on a hot and humid summer day to capture views of Marblehead with cumulus clouds overhead. I realized a few weeks ago that I had been favoring sunset shots at the expense of the bright scenes of mid-day. So at 2pm on a 99 degree day, I headed out to capture views of summer days in Marblehead. Castle Rock was a later stop and I found it far more full than this image would have you believe. There were plenty of people down on the beach (only present [...]

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Lake Havasu, Marblehead

This weekend was a scorcher and just about the only place to get any relief from the heat was on the water. With that in mind, I decided to fly my drone over a few spots in town including Brown's Island. In year's past, I had noted how the harbor would fill with boats at high tide (many tied together) and quickly came to resemble a (milder) version of Lake Havasu. With the drone flying high above, I was able to capture the scene of various boats anchored or tied together off Brown's Island with some sunbathers on the small [...]

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Summer Days on Little Harbor

The past few days have served as a very welcome reprieve from the cold and rainy Spring that didn't seem like it would ever end.  We finished off Sunday at Preston Beach and I returned home in the mood to share an image that would convey the feel of Summer Days in Marblehead. I found a few candidates but decided on this panorama captured in August 2015 that I've never shared.  When I arrived at the small boat yard at the end of Doaks Lane, I found this picture perfect scene before me.  I ended up making my way to [...]

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Longing for Summer Sunsets

As the days get longer, one can't help longing for Summer sunsets over Marblehead harbor.  This incredible sunset filled with pinks and purples formed over a full harbor on July 21, 2013 and I was setup at the Pleon Yacht Club's pier for a perfect vantage point. This particular sunset seemed to go on forever (I have images starting to show brilliant pinks at 8:20 and finishing 11 minutes later).  I can't wait for a full harbor and warm days to recapture these moments in Marblehead.

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Gerry and Brown’s Islands under a Cloud Filled Sky

As the unofficial last week of Summer comes to a close (school starts next week!!!), I wanted to share an image that might transport you to a warm and happy place.  This image of Gerry and Brown's Islands was taken on Wednesday, August 5th at 2pm.  While I tend to shoot in the early morning hours or much later in the day, I decided to head out when I spotted cumulous clouds in the sky for just this type of image. Shooting in mid-day can be harder with harsh light and no shadows but, with the right amount of clouds [...]

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Ready for Summer in Marblehead

I'm ready for Summer in Marblehead - are you? I thought Winter had loosened its grip on us but last week brought a bit more snow and a lot more cold (bitterly so at times).  With that in mind, I dove into my 'To Be Posted' archive and found this picture perfect depiction of a late Summer day in Marblehead.  The image of boats filling Marblehead Harbor comes from high tide atop the causeway.  Though the photo breaks one of the rules of photography (never put a horizon line in the center), there was too much in the foreground (rocks [...]

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Waves and Mist at Preston Beach

On Saturday, September 27, Marblehead was treated to a warm up that made it feel like Summer again.  I went down to Phillips Beach in Swampscott with my wife and kids and decided to walk over to Preston Beach in Marblehead along the water as the tide began to roll out. As I looked back, I noticed the low lying mist that seemed to be coming from water evaporating from the warm sand.  The mist combined with the high tide made for an interesting scene and I bent low to capture it as a wave rolled to shore.

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Indian Summer in Marblehead

This past Summer in Marblehead has to rank among the most perfect (weather wise) in a very long time.  We had a mild June and July followed by a blast of heat and humidity at the end of August/early September and then the cool (but not too cold) days of late Summer/early Fall came.  This weekend, though, brought back the warmth and humidity to stave off that Autumn and soon-to-be Winter chill for at least a few more days.  While not meeting the technical definition of an Indian Summer in Marblehead (the Farmer's almanac states the warmth has to occur [...]

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Last Days of Summer in Marblehead

After capturing and sharing an iPhone image of yesterday's blue hour and overcast sunrise, I received a comment on my Facebook page that read "Feels like summer is gone".  And, she was right.  We just had our first near heat wave of the entire Summer that ended with an incredible lightning storm.  I had actually gone out on this Sunday hoping for some great clouds and light as remnants of the atmospheric disturbance but ended up with a very muted sunrise.  It did indeed feel like we were in the very last days of Summer in Marblehead. As it turns [...]

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Summer in Marblehead – 1 – A Real Corker

On Saturday, June 28, I headed out at a little after 6:30pm in hopes of capturing my first solid Summer sunset.  I had gone out on a few occasions over the past few weeks but was disappointed in the lack of strong color in the sky that seems to accompany Summer in Marblehead. I started off shooting at the Pleon Yacht Club and continued to do so until the sun set.  Seeing the cloud formation gave me an idea for a better vantage point and I drove down to Parker Lane to continue capturing the show.  Within minutes of arriving, [...]

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