Goodbye Summer

The Crocker Park float was pulled out over the weekend and today marks the last day of summer. Since I just finished going through all of my photos from an outing at Crocker Park on September 4th, I thought I would share this one of the float as the sky began to take on unearthly hues leading up to an incredible orange sky over Marblehead Harbor. This photo seemed a perfect way to say 'goodbye summer'. I've started to notice leaves changing colors throughout town but, with the incredible warm and dry weather, the displays appear fairly muted so far. [...]

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At the Crocker Park Float – July 4, 2018 – 4:40pm

This is the last in my series of aerial images over Marblehead's favorite watering holes captured around high tide on Wednesday, July 4th. After capturing aerial photos of the core Marblehead beaches, I headed to Old Town to pick up one of my framed photographs from the Festival of Arts exhibit. Afterwards, I headed to Mariners Lane from where I could safely launch the drone and circle around the harbor to capture an image of the Crocker Park float at peak activity. If you look closely, you can just make out a girl caught in mid-air after jumping off the [...]

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The Float at Crocker Park

I was at Crocker Park at sunset during a high tide and couldn't pass up the chance to photograph the float beckoning people to enjoy Marblehead Harbor's waters on a warm Summer evening.  The float at Crocker Park was taken in before the recent storm passed through town.  Does anyone know if it was put back in place yet?

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Jumping for Rainbows

On Monday, July 27, a storm cloud passed over Marblehead a little after 6pm.  Given the timing of the rain and the direction it was headed, I figured there was a pretty good chance for capturing a rainbow over Marblehead Harbor.  I quickly decided on Crocker Park as my destination and packed up the car. Once I reached Crocker Park, I headed across to the railing overlooking the harbor and saw the rainbow illuminated directly over Marblehead Neck.  I also spotted a few kids down at the float and headed down the walkway with this image in mind.  The tide [...]

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The Full Moon over Marblehead Neck

One last image (for now) of the incredible light that took shape over Marblehead on July 1st.  After capturing the red glow of houses on the Neck and then racing up to the top of Crocker Park for an image of Abbot Hall and the purple light of the coming storm, I returned to the water's edge once more to shoot the full moon rising over Marblehead Neck. By this point, the full moon had risen above the layer of haze that had obscured it earlier and the clouds had began to spread overhead.  I spotted a couple on the Crocker [...]

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Last Days of Summer in Marblehead

After capturing and sharing an iPhone image of yesterday's blue hour and overcast sunrise, I received a comment on my Facebook page that read "Feels like summer is gone".  And, she was right.  We just had our first near heat wave of the entire Summer that ended with an incredible lightning storm.  I had actually gone out on this Sunday hoping for some great clouds and light as remnants of the atmospheric disturbance but ended up with a very muted sunrise.  It did indeed feel like we were in the very last days of Summer in Marblehead. As it turns [...]

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