It’s here!  The annual Devereux Beach carnival is this weekend and it looks like we’ll finally have good weather for the entire duration of it.  While the children of Marblehead will no doubt be thrilled to enjoy the carnival on what promises to be a rain-free weekend, I can’t help but look back to images from last year when the weather was perfect for this photographer.

We had rain and fog on this first weekend in May and the carnival was fairly empty at night due to the conditions.  While others stayed home, I had the run of the small carnival to myself and came away with some of my all time favorite images of the Marblehead carnival.

This image was captured on the very first night of the carnival.  I had spotted a small puddle and adjusted my angle on the camera to capture a reflection of the ferris wheel with its lights on in the pool of water.

Please visit the carnival this weekend as it serves as a fundraiser for the Marblehead high school senior class.  And take a look at the gallery below for more images of the carnival from years past.