It’s been 25 days since I last took a picture of Marblehead and, in the past few days, I’ve started to feel the need to get out and capture a view of this town.  As I mentioned in this morning’s post of last month’s Hunter’s moon, conditions seemed good for viewing tonight’s full Beaver moon rising over Marblehead and I decided to take full advantage of that.

I  headed out a little before 4 and had scouted out the moonrise to determine where I might have the best vantage point.  The perfect location was just down the road from the BYC as it turned out.  I parked near Crocker Park and set about looking for shots of sunset (which took place at a miserable 4:15pm).  The sunset was fairly quiet compared to the ones from last week that I had watched from the office or road.  I figured the moonrise might make up for a muted sunset and was very happy to see that I was right.

I saw the first hint of orange peeking out over Children’s Island at 4:35pm and quickly decided on this composition.  Three working boats were positioned in Marblehead Harbor – Life is Good, James & Christine, and Caijen.  As the moon rose, it cleared some low lying clouds and came into full view as a brilliant orange orb.  Thankfully, the beacon atop Marblehead Light was lit and I was able to capture this view including very subtle reflections of the moon light and green beacon reflecting in the water.

I borrowed one of the boat names for the title of this image.  It felt good to be out shooting in Marblehead again.