Last night, the sunset was due to take place at 6:48pm thanks to the magic of Daylight Savings Time and, after a quick check of the weather conditions, I thought it might turn into a good show.  With that thought in mind, I headed out with a few destinations in mind.

I started off shooting along Riverhead Beach and started to become nervous as the clouds built up near the horizon.  I stayed in that spot until 6pm and then decided to head to a location I hadn’t visited since the Summer – Corinthian Lane.  This might just be the perfect spot for a sunset in Marblehead with incredible views across the harbor.  As I arrived, I found some great clouds high up in the sky over Abbot Hall but a building mass of cloud near the horizon.

I hoped the clouds might break at the last minute to allow the sun to shine up and reflect off the clouds but, in the end, the sunset fizzled out.

Here is the same view from August 16, 2013 and a much nicer (and slightly warmer) sunset from Corinthian Lane