I just got home and can’t believe what I’m looking at – rainbow lightning at Preston beach!  A bit of background on tonight’s shot – I had gone out when the first storm passed just to the south of Marblehead around 6pm and was disappointed with the lack of lightning and that no rainbow appeared in its wake.  I returned home only to make a quick run to Vesuvius for dinner and thought I had settled in at home for the night.

Without warning, torrential rain fell and I immediately pulled up my radar app to find an incredibly strong storm was passing over.  I waited for it to clear and then headed out to Preston Beach which I thought would be empty by now and offered me a good vantage point for the departing storm.  I had little hope for sunset given the cloud cover but figured I would take a chance.

I arrived at Preston beach to find it indeed empty and began to shoot toward Ram Island hoping to catch the occasional bolts of lightning firing in that direction.  As I shot frame after frame, the sky began to take an incredible shade of pink and I took a break from trying to capture lightning so that I could do some justice to this incredible light show.  At 8:05pm, a rainbow appeared in the sky and I just about lost my mind.  Three frames later, I had capture this rainbow lightning combination with the incredible pink light of sunset behind it.

I couldn’t believe my luck in capturing the bolt of lightning (this was the best one of the night) and with its location directly in front of the rainbow.  So much for the hiatus.  We’ll see if I break it again next week…

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