The Jackson Cup took place last weekend and I decided to capture it from an aerial perspective rather than my prior attempts from Hammond Park and the Pleon/Eastern yacht clubs.  I was so thrilled with the video I captured that day that I promptly forgot about the still images.

This was my favorite image of Jackson Cup racing in Marblehead harbor from last Sunday.  The boats were racing deeper in the harbor than they had been previously and they had broken up into a linear formation.  In this way, I was able to pull back a bit and capture the full backdrop of Marblehead from Abbot Hall and the Boston Yacht Club across Crocker Park and to the Landing.

The chase boats, rather than taking away from the scene, added immensely to it with their curving wakes.  With warm weather slowly making its way into town and the trees filling out for the season, it really feels like Spring is here and Summer isn’t far behind.