Spring is in the Air and Class is in Session

What a great way to kick off spring by dusting off the camera after 7 weeks without a single photo and heading out to the newly repaired public way at Parker Lane.  The Marblehead Tech Dinghy Association is one of the bright spots of this COVID winter. With frostbite sailing sidelined due to restrictions on sailing and with these MIT one-design racers available, a new group of boats could be seen racing within Marblehead harbor. The Tech Dinghy was designed by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1935. In November 2020, Jay Watt created the Marblehead Tech [...]

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Racing by Crocker Park

With Saturday's Nor'Easter, I had just about given up on capturing foliage in Marblehead. With a shortened schedule for the EYC's annual Halloween Race, I headed across the causeway and set up along the Eastern's pier to capture scenes of the colorful boats passing by Crocker Park toward Abbot Hall. As the sun poked through the clouds, Crocker Park lit up behind the boats and I spotted some colorful leaves in the background. I ended up with at least a dozen 'keepers' in the hour or so spent shooting the race but this image of the boats passing by Crocker [...]

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Neck and Neck during the Halloween Race

The annual Eastern Yacht Club Halloween Race took place in Marblehead Harbor today and the clouds broke apart just long enough for me to come home with several keepers. The normally two-day event was cut to one by yesterdays Nor'Easter and so sailing took place longer than usual on this last Sunday in October. I had just dropped off my daughter and headed across the Neck where I set up in front of the Eastern Yacht Club for this prime viewing location. I had to wait for the intermittent bursts of light but was thrilled to capture not only the [...]

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Marblehead Junior Race Week Begins

I was fortunate to have a day off yesterday just as Marblehead Junior Race Week began and so I headed to Chandler Hovey Park a little after 2pm to see what images I might capture of the Optis racing just outside the harbor. I started off shooting with my real camera and longest zoom but wasn't happy with the compositions so I switched over to the drone. I circled the boats nearest the harbor until I found this composition of the small one-kid boats racing with Marblehead Light standing tall in the distance. Racing continues Tuesday and Wednesday so head out [...]

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First Turn for the Jackson Cup

On the last weekend in April, I headed across to the Neck and captured these one design boats vying for the Jackson Cup. The sailboats crossed in front of familiar landmarks such as Abbot Hall while competing inside of Marblehead Harbor. This shot seemed to capture three boats vying for position at the first turn - though to be honest, I couldn't follow the race well enough to judge where it began or ended...

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Race for the Jackson Cup in Marblehead Harbor

This weekend, the 20th annual Jackson Cup race took place inside Marblehead Harbor. The invitational hosted by the Boston Yacht Club is an event I look forward to photographing each year with views of the one-design boats and their colorful sails crossing familiar landmarks inside our harbor. I began photographing on Saturday with my long lens from a position on Parker Lane before returning to the car to launch the drone for some overhead shots.  This image with a tight grouping of the boats under picture perfect skies with Abbot Hall and Crocker Park in the distance was a quick [...]

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Optis Racing during Marblehead Junior Race Week

Marblehead Junior Race Week took place this week and between the weather and work, I hadn't had a chance to shoot any images of the Optis racing off Marblehead harbor.  I had captured a 'gaggle' of Optis as I had called them in 2013 when I hitched a ride aboard a zodiac and, with the new freedom of a drone, I was looking forward to new images of these tiny boats racing off Marblehead Neck. MJRW began on July 23rd (too windy for the drone), continued on the 24th and 25th (rain, winds and work) and finished up on the [...]

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Jackson Cup Racing in Marblehead Harbor

The Jackson Cup took place last weekend and I decided to capture it from an aerial perspective rather than my prior attempts from Hammond Park and the Pleon/Eastern yacht clubs.  I was so thrilled with the video I captured that day that I promptly forgot about the still images. This was my favorite image of Jackson Cup racing in Marblehead harbor from last Sunday.  The boats were racing deeper in the harbor than they had been previously and they had broken up into a linear formation.  In this way, I was able to pull back a bit and capture the [...]

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Racing by Old North Church

Today's image comes from mid-February and an unusually warm day for watching and capturing frostbite sailing in Marblehead Harbor.  I had been shooting the sailboats primarily from the air but switched to my camera as they grouped together and captured this shot of the boats racing by Old North Church. With this arctic blast of cold in the third week of March, I don't think I'm alone in looking for reminders that Spring should be here soon and with it more boats in the water.

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Perfect Day for Racing – The Jackson Cup

This weekend, the Jackson Cup took place inside Marblehead Harbor as the 18th annual invitational team race was held by the Boston Yacht Club.  This may be the most beautiful sailing race to watch as the boats cross in front of familiar landmarks such as Abbot Hall when viewed from the Neck and Marblehead Light when seen from Hammond Park. Saturday began with rain and grey skies but the sun came out around 2:30pm and I took that as a good sign to head out to shoot the sailboats crossing in front of Abbot Hall as they competed for the [...]

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