Frostbite Sailing past Old North Church

Spring is here!  If all goes according to plan, I will be capturing the full moon setting on the spring equinox near Old North Church just as this post goes live in the morning. We are in peak frostbite sailing season but I haven't had a chance to make it out to capture the boats crossing in front of familiar landmarks this year. Between the morning plans and the lack of any recent frostbite sailing images, I thought this would make for a nice image to start the day.

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Race for the Jackson Cup in Marblehead Harbor

This weekend, the 20th annual Jackson Cup race took place inside Marblehead Harbor. The invitational hosted by the Boston Yacht Club is an event I look forward to photographing each year with views of the one-design boats and their colorful sails crossing familiar landmarks inside our harbor. I began photographing on Saturday with my long lens from a position on Parker Lane before returning to the car to launch the drone for some overhead shots.  This image with a tight grouping of the boats under picture perfect skies with Abbot Hall and Crocker Park in the distance was a quick [...]

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Optis Racing during Marblehead Junior Race Week

Marblehead Junior Race Week took place this week and between the weather and work, I hadn't had a chance to shoot any images of the Optis racing off Marblehead harbor.  I had captured a 'gaggle' of Optis as I had called them in 2013 when I hitched a ride aboard a zodiac and, with the new freedom of a drone, I was looking forward to new images of these tiny boats racing off Marblehead Neck. MJRW began on July 23rd (too windy for the drone), continued on the 24th and 25th (rain, winds and work) and finished up on the [...]

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Sailing on Redd’s Pond

On a recent Sunday, I decided to head out and capture aerial images of Marblehead's ponds.  One of my first stops was at this familiar one where I found model boats sailing on Redd's pond.  As the guys maneuvered their boats using remote controls to control the sails, I piloted my aerial drone overhead and found this composition. I tried to find a perfect spot from which I could capture the action on Redd's pond as well as the vibrant trees and red house across the water.  At the same time, I was hoping to catch a mirrored image of [...]

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Jackson Cup Racing in Marblehead Harbor

The Jackson Cup took place last weekend and I decided to capture it from an aerial perspective rather than my prior attempts from Hammond Park and the Pleon/Eastern yacht clubs.  I was so thrilled with the video I captured that day that I promptly forgot about the still images. This was my favorite image of Jackson Cup racing in Marblehead harbor from last Sunday.  The boats were racing deeper in the harbor than they had been previously and they had broken up into a linear formation.  In this way, I was able to pull back a bit and capture the [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – A Fifty Foot View

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and I was fortunate to start it with a homemade breakfast with my wife and kids and end it with a great dinner out.  In the middle of the day, I couldn't think of anything more fun than enjoying the Spring-like weather and flying my Phantom 4 Pro drone over Marblehead Harbor to capture scenes of frostbite sailing. The conditions were perfect for sailing with light winds and intermittently great for photography with cloudy skies and occasional breaks of brilliant light.  I took turns shooting stills and video with the drone and switching to the real [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #2 – Sailing Under the Sunset

This is the second image in the Top 10 of 2016 countdown to have been taken on the night of July 5th and was an easy choice for the #2 spot (it was actually #1 until December 14th when it got bounced for that top slot).  As the sun set through the building fog on this night, it created an incredible diffuse orange light.  I was shooting various compositions in this light and then spotted two townies sailing under the sunset light.  The picture perfect light and warmth of the final scene with the silhouettes of the sailors visible combined [...]

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Sailing in the Glow of a Foggy Sunset

The night of July 5th offered the most incredible light I have witnessed since starting Wednesdays in Marblehead in 2010.  The combination of late day fog and the setting sun made for a breathtaking view of a foggy sunset over Marblehead Harbor.  From my spot at Chandler Hovey Park, I was able to shoot countless scenes as the light changed including a few of folks sailing in the glow of a foggy sunset. I've shared a closer view of a sailboat making its way into the harbor before but also had this vertical view that I couldn't help but share [...]

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Sailing in the Harbor

As I waited for the supermoon to rise over Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted this sailboat making its way into Marblehead Harbor.  I quickly adjusted my camera settings and made use of the incredible 600mm lens to isolate the boat sailing in the harbor against the sunlit backdrop of houses on the Neck. With the days getting colder and sunset arriving sooner and sooner, this image of the crew of the Rozi enjoying one of the last sails of the season seemed a good way to start off the weekend.  Don't forget to visit me at the BYC on Saturday from [...]

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Perfect Day for Racing – The Jackson Cup

This weekend, the Jackson Cup took place inside Marblehead Harbor as the 18th annual invitational team race was held by the Boston Yacht Club.  This may be the most beautiful sailing race to watch as the boats cross in front of familiar landmarks such as Abbot Hall when viewed from the Neck and Marblehead Light when seen from Hammond Park. Saturday began with rain and grey skies but the sun came out around 2:30pm and I took that as a good sign to head out to shoot the sailboats crossing in front of Abbot Hall as they competed for the [...]

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