I couldn’t pass up shooting a ‘super blue blood moon’ especially when conditions were perfect with forecast for clear skies this morning. The name comes from a unique combination of the moon’s proximity to Earth (super), the second full moon in a month (blue) and a partial lunar eclipse (blood).

I had scouted out locations last night based on the projected moon set and settled on an area between the Eastern Yacht Club and Corinthian Lane.  As I crossed the causeway onto the Neck, I spotted the bright moon low in the evening sky and followed it as I drove up onto the Neck. I made my first stop at Foster Street and decided that offered the best angle to capture the moon setting over Marblehead.

I set up along with two other photographers and got busy composing images and adjusting settings as the sun rose and cast some light on Abbot Hall, the Boston Yacht Club and houses across the harbor.  The moon took on a nice color (though not quite red) and I wasn’t sure how big of a role the eclipse was playing as opposed to the timing of sunrise.

In any event, it was great to be out there this morning capturing a once in a lifetime Super Blue Blood moon…