Sunset Sky over Fort Beach

  • Heat and humidity combine to create an awesome sunset sky over Fort Beach. The colors kept building long after the sun dipped below the horizon.

Thank goodness for good friends and last minute plans or else I would have missed the incredible sunset sky over Fort Beach that erupted last night…

I had come home from work just before 6 and touched base with friends who invited me to join them at Crocker Park to take in the Festival of Arts music while eating dinner. My wife and kids are off in Chicago so I was thankful for the invite and a chance to relax outside with good company – Thanks Mabrys!!!

I picked up some Howling Wolf and then headed to Crocker where I sat in windless, hot and humid conditions made tolerable by friends and music. I kept looking to the sky as the sun broke through the clouds and the wind picked up. At one point, I headed down to the pier and found a small rainbow overhead so I shot some video with the iPhone of kids jumping in the water enjoying one of those ‘only in Marblehead’ experiences.

As the sky took shape, I excused myself and drove around trying to decide on a vantage point. I ended up at Fort Beach having watched the clouds and knowing there was an active thunderstorm hanging out over Revere.  I had a feeling that might add up to some nice color and crossed my fingers.

I lucked out with a parking space along Front Street and started shooting for Fort Sewall only to make my way down toward Fort Beach as the sunset sky formed and picked up color. Long after the sun had set, the sky continued to build in intensity reaching this intense pink color10 minutes after the sunset cannons had fired.

I’ll be out shooting the fireworks tonight but it’ll be tough to beat Mother Nature’s show from last night…

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