With fires raging along the west coast, it was only a matter of time before the fine particulates made their way across the country to our next of the woods. Thankfully the result was limited to cloud-like conditions during the day. I had a hunch that the haze might create perfect conditions for capturing the sun as a red ball tonight so I drove across the causeway right after dinner to chase this image.

As I drove, I spotted the sun in my rear view mirror and was please to find the red ball I had hoped for. From there it was a quick trip to Corinthian Lane and then a literal run along the sandy shore to get the sun in just the right spot before it disappeared into the thicker haze at the horizon. The result was a nice smoky sunset that seems to mimic one of my favorite images and the cover of my book – Moon over Abbot. Thankfully the scaffolding was removed from Abbot Hall just in time to have it featured prominently here.