In a month when I did not expect to shoot the moon once, I somehow managed to capture the Harvest moon twice at moonrise and once at moonset! Of these, the most planned out was the moonset on Saturday morning when I woke at 5:15 and drove across the causeway to Chandler Hovey Park. I had mapped out this spot as giving me the best composition with the setting full Harvest moon adjacent to Abbot Hall.

I arrived to find two other photographers had similar ideas in mind and was awed by the deep orange/pumpkin color of the moon (likely made so with the small amount of atmospheric smoke from fires in the west). The shot was technically difficult (all three moonshots ended up being tough) in that the sun had not yet risen. I had to balance the light of the moon with the foreground harbor filled with boats while also keeping the shutter speed reasonable to prevent the boats from becoming blurred in the gentle morning breeze.

The end result was an instant favorite and I think will end up competing with the sunrise I captured 20 minutes later for the 2024 Marblehead Calendar September page. Do you have an early favorite?