From the Rooftops – Peeling Paint and Abbot Hall

I posted a wider view from this rooftop location a while ago but wanted to revisit the spot to showcase this particular image.  If you compare the two, you'll appreciate the difference that a different focal length can bring to a scene.  By zooming in for this tighter view, the peeling paint in the foreground and the architecture of the rooftops become the focal point of the image.  It's amazing to see the variety of chimneys up here and follow all of the lines through the photo. This image (and many more) will be shown at my individual exhibit at [...]

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Play Ball at Seaside Park

I made my way down to Seaside Park on a beautiful Summer Day to try a reshoot of the area behind the stands (that was the 'mystery' shot posted yesterday).  After I finished shooting that area, I made my way to the diamond and stared out from home plate.  The sky and clouds were perfect so I set up for one more picture to capture the feel of getting ready to bat in this beautifully  appointed field.

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Handprints on the Chimney

I'm going to make this one interesting and see if my viewers can come up with the location.  The answer will come with tomorrow's post.  For those who know where this is, can you answer these questions that I still have: Who's handprints are those and why are they there? What does the NEWS sign mean? Update: The answer was the back of the stands at Seaside park.  I still don't know the answers to the questions above though...

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