Purple Dawn from Fountain Park

Time to go back to the archives as the cold weather and recent return from time in the sun has kept me from shooting this week. This image comes from a dawn outing in December 2011.  This was the start of a very foggy early December day in Marblehead and I had decided on a shot from atop Fountain Park to begin the day as the high tide held the promise of reflecting good morning light.  As you can see, the sky did not disappoint and the water did end up serving as a very good reflector of the purple [...]

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Fall Colors at the Bud Orne Playground

Here's a more recent image taken as the colors peaked around town.  I had noticed this great tree and its bright orange leaves one day as my son played flag football.  I wasn't able to photograph it at the time as the playground was wildly busy and decided to come by the next morning.  I found the place empty as if waiting in anticipation when I arrived.  While the trees had started to lose color at the top, they still had some nice leaves to serve as a backdrop to this great playground.

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Foliage in the Fog at Seaside Park

Fall's colors have finally arrived in town and I have been trying to capture the great displays that are occurring throughout the town.  I started shooting on Wednesday and had some solid photos after an afternoon wandering throughout Old Town and beyond.  On Saturday morning, however, I was pleased to see some fog roll in and I instantly decided to shoot the one tree that had eluded me in the prior effort. This tree at Seaside park was in the wrong light when I had visited it on Wednesday but the fog brought an extra dimension to this scene that [...]

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A Snow Family in Snowctober

Well, we had our second snow of the season - though, I don't know if you can call Fall part of the 'snow season'.  Though other parts of the state ended up with at least 6 inches, we received a tolerable few.  I drove around town this morning on the hunt for foliage (which had been pretty sparse) to shoot with a backdrop of snow.  I couldn't find much until the very end but did see this 'snow family' at Seaside park.  I framed them under the weeping willow to highlight the very early snow as the willow hasn't even [...]

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Dawn over Preston Beach

I had another gravestone from Old Burial Hill planned for today's post but yesterday's sunrise and possible UFO sighting pre-empted it.  This is the shot I was taking and during which I captured a possible UFO flying over the ocean.  First, some background: I had first spotted this anchor at Beach Bluff Park several months ago but the sun was rising too far to the east for the composition I had in mind.  On Wednesday morning, I woke at 6:30 and checked the skies and was delighted to see a break at the horizon.  I quickly grabbed my camera and [...]

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Play Ball at Seaside Park

I made my way down to Seaside Park on a beautiful Summer Day to try a reshoot of the area behind the stands (that was the 'mystery' shot posted yesterday).  After I finished shooting that area, I made my way to the diamond and stared out from home plate.  The sky and clouds were perfect so I set up for one more picture to capture the feel of getting ready to bat in this beautifully  appointed field.

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Handprints on the Chimney

I'm going to make this one interesting and see if my viewers can come up with the location.  The answer will come with tomorrow's post.  For those who know where this is, can you answer these questions that I still have: Who's handprints are those and why are they there? What does the NEWS sign mean? Update: The answer was the back of the stands at Seaside park.  I still don't know the answers to the questions above though...

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Sunset from Fountain Park

The Sturgeon Moon rises in August and I hoped to catch it on this night from a vantage point at Fountain Park.  As I waited, I tried to find a composition that would include the lighthouse and Little Harbor.  I was pleased to find this angle and even more so when a pair of kayakers paddled into the foreground.  The moon ended up rising a bit early so that it's color lacked the vibrant yellow that came with the moonrise the next night.  I was happy with the way this sunset view turned out.

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