Marching to the Beat on State Street

Another incredible Marblehead Christmas Walk is in the books and, as has been the case for the past few years, I set up along State Street to capture Glover's Regiment leading the annual parade.  This year I decided to bring along a single 35mm lens and set it to its widest aperture in the hopes of focusing on just one part of the parade.  As luck would have it, the drummer was on my side of the street and I captured this image of him drumming while the rest of the regiment was marching to the beat on State Street.

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Marching in the Christmas Walk Parade

This weekend, the annual Marblehead Christmas Walk took place and, as an added bonus, my daughter was marching in the Christmas Walk parade for the first time.  I decided to set up along State Street hoping to capture images of Glover's Regiment and then her cheerleading group on this timeless street with the star hanging from a crane near the Landing.  I managed a few shots that I was happy with and then ran up State and across Washington Street to try one more shot of Glover's Regiment marching in front of Old Town House. As luck would have it, [...]

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Marblehead Christmas Walk – Santa Waves to the Gathering Crowd

As the annual Marblehead Christmas Walk parade came to a close, Santa and Mrs. Claus turned the corner onto Washington Street waving to the gathered crowd.  With the unseasonable warm temperatures, the crowd was quite large this year and I decided to focus on Santa as he waved while trying to capture the size of the crowd lined up along Washington Street as well as Abbot Hall in the distance. The final image seemed to capture what is so special about Marblehead and this time of year - a perfect mix of holiday and tradition carried through in the present [...]

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Marblehead Christmas Walk – Marching up State Street

The annual Marblehead Christmas walk took place this weekend and, between the parade and Glover's regiment re-enactment of the crossing of the Delaware, I ended up with five images I wanted to share with you.  So all of this week will feature images from this year's Marblehead Christmas walk festivities. First up is this image of Glover's regiment marching up State Street.  I forgot that the fire department leads the parade in one of their trucks and therefore had to make a last minute change in my plans to capture Glover's regiment marching up State Street.  I quickly crossed the street and took [...]

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