Star of the Sea Cemetery

Tree of Life

In late May of 2013, I had gone out on a foggy morning looking for a new spot to shoot.  As I drove around town, I found myself going past the Star of the Sea cemetery and quickly pulled over when I saw this incredible tree among the headstones. It was difficult getting the full size of the tree in the frame while also finding a good foreground element to anchor the image.  The decision to process the final shot as black and white was easy in comparison.

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Foggy Morning at Star of the Sea Cemetery

Last week, I shared another black and white image taken at Star of the Sea cemetery on this foggy morning in late May.  I mentioned then that the trees are what drew my eye and, in this image, I decided to use the dirt road to bring the viewer's eye directly to the trunk of the great tree and then beyond it to the bend and fog beyond.  Again the decision to process this in black and white was an easy one given the textures of the tree and gravestones.

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The Great Tree at Star of the Sea Cemetery

Every morning, I drive down Lafayette Street and marvel at the great trees the line the center of Star of the Sea Cemetery.  This year, the trees seem particularly healthy owing to the snow melt from Winter and the gradual warmup of Spring.  As such, I had been determined to photograph them but decided that I needed a foggy day to capture them the way I wanted. On this Thursday morning, we had a thick fog roll in and I thought the conditions might just work.  I headed to work a bit early and stopped at the Star of the [...]

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Fall at Star of the Sea

I drive by the Star of the Sea cemetery every morning on the way to work and have been waiting for the trees to show their Fall colors.  Last Wednesday at sunrise seemed to be the 'peak' of their foliage (though with a fair number of fallen leaves as is the norm for this Fall).  I chose this beautiful statue for my foreground and lead the viewer to explore the rest of the cemetery.

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