With Gerry Island in the news recently

[Reporter Patch], it seemed an appropriate time to post this shot taken a few weeks ago.  I had wanted to return to Fort Sewall and shoot this image of Gerry Island for a while but was struggling with getting the mood just right.  The way the fog rolled in and blanketed the island on this day seemed just about perfect.  The island is layed out in this 4-shot panorama without a distracting background and seems to exist in its own world.  With the four images used to make this one photo, the detail is all there for this to be printed quite large.  I did struggle with whether to remove the fishing boat after the fact and decided in the end to leave it up to my fans to choose their favorite.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook with your favorite. That one will go in the Photo Archive.

Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 17-55 lens.  4 shot panorama.