Tide Pools and Reflected Sunset Light

On Wednesday December 5th, I was just getting home after taking care of errands all day and noted the light and clouds as sunset approached.  I went inside to grab the camera and drove out again to find a new spot.  The light changed quickly as the sun ducked below the horizon and I had enough time to make it across Atlantic Avenue to Bass Rock Lane before the light disappeared.  I managed to capture one frame of the homes along the water illuminated by light and then began to explore the rock formations at the end of Bass Rock [...]

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The Row Boat Independence

On Saturday, Rick Ashley and Dennis Curtin (two great local photographers) led a group of about fifty camera-wielding individuals through the streets of Marblehead as part of the Worldwide Photowalk.  The experience was a great one and I really enjoyed the conversations I had with both Denny and Rick as well as a number of other 'walkers'.  While the conditions were great for walking (crisp and sunny), they weren't perfect for photography.  I decided to use a prime lens for the entire 3 hour walk and was hoping to build up my 'experimental Friday' theme a bit. When we reached [...]

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Experimental Friday – Get Your Feet Wet

I've featured a few shots on previous Fridays and am almost ready to label this an 'experimental Friday' theme.  This is the floating dock at Crocker Park where I went with my son in the Summer for a swim test prior to sailing camp.  It was a hot day and the cool water beckoned.  I decided to focus on the ladder so that the viewer could sense that someone was just about to reach out from below and come out of the water after a refreshing dive.

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Sunrise over Doliber Cove

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my 6 1/2 year old son woke me up before the sun rose and I decided to make the most of the situation by heading to Grace Oliver beach.  After shooting the wider view including the beach, I zoomed in closer for this view.  In it, you can just make out the edge of Brown's Island and one of my favorite trees at the edge of Crowninshield Road.  The boats in the cove and the swim line add to the scene.  The sun's early light reflects beautifully off the clouds overhead.  Not a bad [...]

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Sunset over Leggs Hill

I've been meaning to post this image for a while now but it kept falling deeper into the archives for some reason.  Back in early December, I remember coming home from work at 4:30pm and, for some reason, I had thought to bring my camera that morning.  The light was interesting as drove toward Marblehead and, as soon as I drove across Lafayette, I saw this scene unfold before me.  The light was perfect, the tide just right and the calm water gave off a brilliant reflection. I quickly pulled over, set the hazards, and ran back down toward the [...]

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Long Exposure – Crumbling Sand at Preston Beach

Another early image - this is the first long exposure that I took in Marblehead and again seems fitting for a theme of the week.  I was exploring Preston beach at sunset on May 27th and found the outflow track from the drainage pipe had formed this great channel in the sand.  I set up the camera on a tripod and took a few images as the sun set and the blue hour began.  The sand kept crumbling into the rushing water and, during this 25 second exposure, it had just calved and created this beautiful passage. Make sure you [...]

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Long Exposure – Stramski Pier Reflecting in the Water

After four straight days of grey skies and rain, the sky finally cleared and the sun shone on a Tuesday night.  After putting the kids to bed (a bit early) I left the house in search of images.  I found a few nice clouds along Devereux beach and then drove out to the newest public pier in town during the blue hour. I started off shooting this pier from the other side but didn't like the houses in the background or the distant oil refinery on the Salem side.  In a stroke of genius, I walked to the other side [...]

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In the Blue Hour at Devereux Beach

The blue hour (which often lasts minutes rather than a full hour) is found between the darkness of twilight and the light of dawn.  It occurs again after sunset but before full dusk.  It's a great time to be out shooting and, on this particular day, I had decided to venture down to Devereux beach. The original plan for this morning was to chase the supermoon setting but those clouds near the horizon spoiled that plan.  Instead I found myself on the beach at low tide with the sand still wet and forming a beautifully reflective surface.  I managed a [...]

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Long Exposure – Parker Lane Pier

I finally have my days straight so let's get back to Long Exposure Tuesday.  I was out on the Neck in search of flowers earlier in the Spring and made my first stop at the right of way on Parker Lane.  I explored the water and rocks and noted the pier jutting out to my left. As I made my way back to the car, I saw the owner of the house and asked permission to shoot from the top of the pier.  He graciously obliged and I spent a few moments looking for the perfect composition. This ended up [...]

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From the Rooftops – The Landing

Soon, very soon!  On this rainy, gray morning, we just need to remember that soon we'll be able to enjoy this town at its finest.  Boats in the harbor, blue skies overhead, the sun at our back... This image was taken back in early September from the Harbor Wharfs Condo where I started the From the Rooftops project.  I shared an image from here looking back up State Street but this panorama gives you a better sense of what it was like on this late Fall day to stand and look out at the Landing below and the harbor beyond. [...]

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