I’ve driven by this spot on Beacon Street numerous times and admired the beautiful house on the bend with impeccable landscaping.  I never did read the sign placed on the fence that reads ‘Marblehead’ with an arrow toward Crowninshield’s or Brown’s Island and old town and another pointing back toward West Shore Drive labeled as the ‘Real World’.  The sign produced an instant grin on my face and a desire to photograph it.

The hard part was how to bring out the sign in the photo and depict what it was trying to say.  I decided to shoot at sunset toward Brown’s Island.  Now that I had my vantage point, another obstacle lay before me…physically.  There was a huge utility pole in the middle of the image.  I will say that there is little to no manipulation of objects in the majority of the photos you see on this site (apart from removing any unnoticed trash or people in the background).  For this image, though, some heavy lifting was in order.  I took out that utility pole, its wires as well as some traffic cones lining the sidewalk.  I think it makes for a much better representation of what the sign is trying to convey.