Indian Village in Marblehead

While scouting Fall foliage in Marblehead on Saturday, October 4, I happened upon this Maple tree on Beach Street.  I had always wanted to photograph the Indian Village sign and this tree offered the perfect backdrop to do so. Click on the image for a larger version that you can read.

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Welcome to the Town of Marblehead (Spring version)

Back to a Spring photo to brighten up the past few dreary days.  In mid-April, I noticed that the cherry blossom tree on the corner of Pleasant and Maple streets had reached full bloom.  I had photographed the Welcome to the Town of Marblehead sign before highlighting the anchor in the foreground and the flowering bush on the right.  I decided to use the cherry blossom as a background with this image. What should have taken mere minutes ended up with me standing in the middle of the crosswalk (at the barrier) for over 30 minutes waiting for the right [...]

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Welcome to Children’s Island

On October 22nd, the YMCA held a Fall festival on Children's Island.  I grabbed the kids and my camera and made my way to The Landing where the Hannah Glover ship ferried us over.  There were games to be played, hay rides to take and a great island to explore.  We made our way over to the Arts and Crafts cabin for a bit of hot cider, donuts and painting.  While looking around, I noted this sign that seemed to provide a perfect way to capture the spirit of the island. I'll have more from Children's Island this week and [...]

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Master of the Hannah

There are numerous signs on Marblehead homes depicting its former occupants but this one stands out for me.  I always liked the old wood sign juxtaposed against the brick wall and, when I saw the flowers on the vine in early October, I knew it was time to shoot it.  The hardest part was finding the right time of day when the shadows served to frame the scene.

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Marblehead or the Real World

I've driven by this spot on Beacon Street numerous times and admired the beautiful house on the bend with impeccable landscaping.  I never did read the sign placed on the fence that reads 'Marblehead' with an arrow toward Crowninshield's or Brown's Island and old town and another pointing back toward West Shore Drive labeled as the 'Real World'.  The sign produced an instant grin on my face and a desire to photograph it. The hard part was how to bring out the sign in the photo and depict what it was trying to say.  I decided to shoot at sunset [...]

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Welcome to the Town of Marblehead

At the corner of Lafayette and Maple stands a sign welcoming visitors to the Town of Marblehead and proclaiming this as the birthplace of the American Navy.  A dropped anchor lies in the grassy median before it and I have been searching for a way to depict this scene.  When I noted the flowers on the nearby shrub, I knew the opportunity had arrived.  I stood across the street and shot this during breaks in traffic.  The first obstacle was a yield sign that had to be removed.  The second was turning this photo into something a bit 'more'. Technical: [...]

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