Beacon Street

The Road Curves

As small as Marblehead is, it still amazes me when I notice small scenes that seem like they belong somewhere else rather than in this New England town. This black and white image of the canopy of snow covered trees was captured on the same day as yesterday's shot of Old Town House. I had driven up towards Beacon Street after exploring downtown Marblehead and parked my car facing this section where the road curves and climbs a small hill under a canopy of trees. The scene would be as likely in Vermont or Colorado as steps away from Grace [...]

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Flowers on Beacon Street

I'm not much of a flower photographer (with the exception of cherry blossoms in the Spring and sunflowers in Summer) but I had to stop and capture these flowers along Beacon Street when I passed them in the late Fall. With Spring officially here but without the warmth that all of us are waiting for yet to arrive, I figured an image of flowers was in order.

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Fall in Marblehead – Through the Woods and Over the Bridge

As you have hopefully been able to see, Wednesday October 23rd offered perfect conditions to capture peak Fall foliage in Marblehead.  I started off at Tedesco, then drove over to Ware pond, headed up to the pond at Whittier Road and then came up on this scene on Beacon Street.  I actually had stopped here for the flowers that line Beacon Street and tried to find a composition that would highlight the flowers against the great red and yellow hues of the trees in the distance that had reached peak Fall colors.  As I moved further down to get a [...]

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Marblehead Fireworks Finale – The Crowd on Beacon Street

When I first started shooting the Marblehead fireworks, I ran into a bit of a conundrum - how to shoot the fireworks with Marblehead landmarks but not have people in the frame?  As a rule, I try to keep people out of my landscape images and it seemed that I would have to break that rule when it came time to shoot the Marblehead fireworks display.  That first year, I ended up with some shots with people and some without and found that I much preferred those with the spectators.  The effect seemed to be to draw in the viewer [...]

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Experimental Friday – Yellow Trees on Beacon Street

I've shared some other 'experimental' shots on Fridays and thought I would bring this one out from hiding to see what you thought of it.  In mid November, I was driving around town looking for spots of color and happened upon this curve on Beacon Street.  The problem was that the only interesting part of the scene was the yellow color on this group of trees.  I therefore decided to darken the surrounding parts of the image and use a technique called the Orton Effect to add a deeper color and more painterly quality to the image.  So...does it work?

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Marblehead or the Real World

I've driven by this spot on Beacon Street numerous times and admired the beautiful house on the bend with impeccable landscaping.  I never did read the sign placed on the fence that reads 'Marblehead' with an arrow toward Crowninshield's or Brown's Island and old town and another pointing back toward West Shore Drive labeled as the 'Real World'.  The sign produced an instant grin on my face and a desire to photograph it. The hard part was how to bring out the sign in the photo and depict what it was trying to say.  I decided to shoot at sunset [...]

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