The Snow Moon sets over Old North Church

  • The Snow Moon sets over Old North Church

As the old saying goes, ‘what goes up, must come down’.  After shooting the Snow Moon rising the night before, I checked the weather conditions for the next morning and was pleased to see a forecast for clear skies.  I figured out where the moon would be setting and determined the best spot for capturing it setting near the Old North Church.

As I drove out in the early morning, I noticed the light cloud cover and hoped it wouldn’t interfere with the final shot.  When I set up near the lighthouse, I realized the clouds would blot out much of the detail in the moon and found this image to be the best at providing what detail could be seen in the setting moon.  Seeing this image made me even more appreciative of the perfect conditions that came together for the Supermoon last March.  Both the rise and set couldn’t have been any better.  There’s always next month’s Worm Moon to look forward too…

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