Welcome to Long Exposure Tuesday!  As I’ve explored the town of Marblehead, I have found that limiting myself to shooting within the confines of 4.5 square miles has ignited my creativity.  This began with Rooftop Thursdays and now continues with Long Exposure Tuesdays.  In long exposure photography, the shutter is left open for seconds or minutes rather than the 1/100th of  a second in a typical daytime photo.  This has the effect of smoothing out water, turning waves into mist and making the clouds into streaks of light.  I have been working on this technique for the past few months and have decided to start sharing them.

The first two photos in this series are actually hanging at the Hooper Mansion this month as part of my individual exhibit there.  If you haven’t made it yet, here’s another plug for a visit.

Today’s image was taken in the middle of February as I explored the area around Gerry Island and Doaks Lane.  This small corner has become a favorite of mine with the tree in the background, the houses that reflect the setting light so well and the water that can be made into a mirror.  In this shot the rocks lead the eye into the scene and the two minute exposure served to make the water silky smooth and highly reflective.

Hope you enjoy this one.  Lots more to come…