Doaks Lane

Looking Back at Doaks Lane

On August 17, 2015, I made my way onto Gerry Island before sunset using the low tide path to cross. I had this particular image in mind and hoped for a nice sunset but had to make due with a single cloud in the sky and soft light. The compressed view of the stacked houses and Old North Church made up for the somewhat lackluster sky. With Gerry Island now apparently stripped of overgrowth, I'm looking forward to returning to this spot with a longer lens for some new compositions.

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Old North Church and the Harbor

Today's image comes from a trip out to Gerry Island in August 2015.  I crossed the land bridge to Gerry at low tide just before sunset and as I looked back, I found this perfect composition with Old North Church rising above the houses along Doaks Lane.  The boats in the water and that lone cloud in the sky made for a picture perfect scene of Little Harbor.

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The Road Back to Town

The path between Gerry Island the main land is one of the most magical pieces of Marblehead - appearing twice a day like clockwork at low tide and disappearing without a trace as the tide rolls back in. I was out on Gerry Island hoping for a solid sunset backdrop for this image of the boats and houses along Doaks Lane.  While the sunset never materialized, I still really liked this image of the road back to town leading the eye toward the mainland. Have a great weekend!

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Old North Church and the Harbor

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and happened upon a puzzle being sold on a local group page with a cartoonish drawing of Old North Church situated above the houses on Doaks Lane with a section of Little Harbor below.  The composition was one I did not believe existed in real life but, at the first opportunity of a low tide, I decided to see just how close I could get. I headed out to Gerry Island on August 17 at sunset and walked along the sandbar that appears with each low tide.  Once [...]

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Snow in Marblehead – Little Harbor

I mentioned in yesterday's post the the seasonably cold temperatures had started to put me in the mindset of snow and, having not had any storms to shoot yet, left me to explore the archive of to-be-posted images.  I shared an image from the end of December yesterday.  Today, we turn back to January 16, 2013 when I went out in the middle of a storm to capture the freshly falling flakes. I wound up taking one of my favorite images of Redds pond during this storm - LINK - but also captured a number of other scenes of snow [...]

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Sunrise Over the Houses of Little Harbor

After photographing dawn from Hammond Park last Wednesday, I decided to drive out to Doaks Lane and shoot Gerry Island as well as the houses that line Little Harbor.  If you have followed this site for a while, you will likely recognize this composition.  I have shared some long exposures taken at sunset from this vantage point but never thought to photograph at sunrise.  It turns out that the sun was coming up at just the right angle to bathe these houses in great light.  The image needed amazingly little work at the computer apart from removing one wayward duck [...]

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The Brick House on Doaks Lane

I decided to visit the archives for today's image and looked at shots taken one year ago in June but not yet posted to the web.  This one jumped out at me and I had to use it.  There was something very mesmerizing about this brick house when I noticed it on Doak's lane one sunset day in June. I think wat struck me was the perfectly tall, thin and symmetrical face of this house.  Especially in contrast to the asymmetry in the road below.  Enjoy this unique house on this Thursday in Marblehead...

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Long Exposure – Doaks Lane Sunset

Welcome to Long Exposure Tuesday!  As I've explored the town of Marblehead, I have found that limiting myself to shooting within the confines of 4.5 square miles has ignited my creativity.  This began with Rooftop Thursdays and now continues with Long Exposure Tuesdays.  In long exposure photography, the shutter is left open for seconds or minutes rather than the 1/100th of  a second in a typical daytime photo.  This has the effect of smoothing out water, turning waves into mist and making the clouds into streaks of light.  I have been working on this technique for the past few months [...]

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