Ocean Beckons at Devereux Beach

I mentioned yesterday that I had walked along the causeway to find the right spot from which to capture the perfect blue sky over Marblehead Harbor. Having done so, I crossed to the other side and walked atop the causeway wall looking for interesting compositions before me. Devereux Beach was packed with people and I walked closer to find a nice shot of silhouettes against the bright light of day. As it happened, clouds passed overhead blocking the sun and I had to stay in one spot while waiting for better light. As I did, I looked down and watched [...]

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Stacking Rocks on the Causeway

Today's image is a bit of a throwback to 2013 and the Summer of stacking rocks.  Does anyone remember when new formations of stacked rocks would appear along the causeway?  It seemed that we had new ones form on an almost daily basis until the Neck end was nearly filled with these zen-like temporary sculptures. I'm not sure if they have shown up again since then...

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Sunset Reflection to Welcome the New Year – First Sunset of 2016

New Years Day ended up being quite busy with a morning outing to capture the sunrise and an invitation for my son and I to go roller skating with several other families from Marblehead in the afternoon.  As we returned from that outing, I noted the sun breaking through clouds and some great light hitting the ocean.  I convinced my son to come out with me to capture the first sunset of 2016 and we were off. Our first stop was Bass Rock Lane which is very close to the house and offered the best chance for a shot of the light [...]

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A Late November Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

I went out last night in hopes that the clouds would break and allow me to shoot November's full moon.  As I drove out to my intended destination, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the sun slowly set and the clouds break into great patterns.  I decided to head straight to Fort Sewall first and hoped the light would hold til I got there. I ran up the hill and explored both ends of the Fort but noted that the harbor side offered the best light.  As the sun set, the light was picked up by the water. [...]

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Long Exposure – The Rocks at Preston Beach

Another Tuesday and another long exposure image.  This one was taken back in late May as the sun was setting.  I had been playing with various compositions and then tried this one at the end.  I allowed the exposure to go a bit longer than usual and ended up with almost no line between the water and sky at the horizon.  You can just barely make out the hint of it at the corners which makes for a pretty interesting image.  The strong textures on the rocks contrast nicely against the smoothness of the water in this 147 second exposure.

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Pylons in the Misty Water

A new location on this Long Exposure Tuesday - the beach at the end of Corn Point Road.  I had found this group of old pylons last Winter but, at the time, the tide was too low for the image that I hoped to capture.  When I revisited the location at high tide a few months later, I was disappointed to see that, yet again, the water failed to reach the level of the close pylons.  So it was with fingers crossed that I drove out again during an astronomical high tide to see if luck might favor the persistent... [...]

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Swirling Water at Castle Rock

I haven't shot a landscape image in a few weeks but that has 'forced' me to return to my archive of images and rescue some of these from the seemingly never ending waiting line before they see the light of day.  In this case, the image from Castle Rock at sunset dates back to June 11, 2008!  I had this image waiting to post but decided to rework it last night in preparation with some new techniques I had picked up over the past 4 years.  I was able to bring a bit more color into the sky and rock [...]

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Long Exposure – the Drain on Preston Beach

This Long Exposure Tuesday view comes from early September when a storm was churning off the coast and I headed out in search of big waves.  Those failed to appear but I hit Preston at high tide and decided to shoot some long exposure images instead.  This one at 25 seconds is relatively short but was enough to turn the incoming tide to a soft white cloud.  My favorite parts of the image are the rocks at the end of this drainage pipe and the ones to the left where the mist seems to encircle them.

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Tinkers Island off Marblehead Neck

In mid-August, my son and I were invited out for an impromptu fishing excursion off the rocks on Marblehead Neck.  I had never been to this section of the neck previously (seeing as there are no public ways accessible) and was glad I had thought to bring my camera.  As the boys scampered on the rocks looking for a fishing spot (a losing effort at dead low tide), I sought out compositions with which to frame the distant view of Tinker's Island.  I settled on this as my favorite with the rock formations in the foreground and the great expansive clouds above. [...]

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Along the Sea Wall

The first weekend in September brought great big waves at high tide and I decided to explore the ocean from the vantage point at Surf Street.  I ended up exploring the entire length of the sea wall until I reached the end and this small overlook.  The light hit at just the right moment and I caught some nice churning waves as they lapped against the rock mass below.

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