After four straight days of grey skies and rain, the sky finally cleared and the sun shone on a Tuesday night.  After putting the kids to bed (a bit early) I left the house in search of images.  I found a few nice clouds along Devereux beach and then drove out to the newest public pier in town during the blue hour.

I started off shooting this pier from the other side but didn’t like the houses in the background or the distant oil refinery on the Salem side.  In a stroke of genius, I walked to the other side ; )  There I happened by this small puddle that had formed and quickly dropped the tripod down to catch a reflection of the pier.  I struggled with the color vs black and white versions of this shot but, in the end, decided to go monochrome.  By extending the shutter speed to 30 seconds, I was able to calm the water and bring out more of the reflection.