Stramski beach

Pancake Ice at Stramski Beach

On Tuesday night I decided to head out to Stramski Beach before sunset hoping to capture images of a frozen Salem harbor only to find picture perfect pancake ice all around me. I spent an hour exploring compositions including the Stramski pier and close ups of the ice.  As the sun set and the temperature dipped to single digits, the sky lit up with a beautiful and incredibly long sunset. I shot frame after frame but was immediately drawn to this one with the pier and bare trees framing the scene and the pancake ice reflecting the colors of sunset. [...]

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Pier to Nowhere

Has it really been three years since the new Stramski pier was built and, yet, it remains unused? I captured the newly built pier in May 2012 but a number of issues have delayed its opening to date.  I'm hoping the pier can finally open to the public this season...

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Long Exposure – Stramski Pier Reflecting in the Water

After four straight days of grey skies and rain, the sky finally cleared and the sun shone on a Tuesday night.  After putting the kids to bed (a bit early) I left the house in search of images.  I found a few nice clouds along Devereux beach and then drove out to the newest public pier in town during the blue hour. I started off shooting this pier from the other side but didn't like the houses in the background or the distant oil refinery on the Salem side.  In a stroke of genius, I walked to the other side [...]

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The Rock at Stramski’s Beach

I made a list a few weeks ago to review areas in town that I had not yet shot or had wanted to shoot under different conditions.  On that list was sunset at Stramski's beach.  I had a chance to visit this area on Friday and was disappointed at first by the cloudless sky.  I tried shooting toward the setting sun but couldn't find an angle I liked.  Then I turned around near the end of the beach and saw this huge, singular rock casting its shadow.  The sun lent a warm glow to the entire scene and the incoming [...]

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