In mid-August, my son and I were invited out for an impromptu fishing excursion off the rocks on Marblehead Neck.  I had never been to this section of the neck previously (seeing as there are no public ways accessible) and was glad I had thought to bring my camera.  As the boys scampered on the rocks looking for a fishing spot (a losing effort at dead low tide), I sought out compositions with which to frame the distant view of Tinker’s Island.  I settled on this as my favorite with the rock formations in the foreground and the great expansive clouds above.  I ended up looking up information about Tinker’s and found this from Marblehead Magazine:

Named after the abundance of tinker mackerel that run close to its shores, Tinker’s Island was first subject to Salem taxes in 1969. The houses on the island are privately owned and have no electricity, water or other services. Since 1807 both Tinker’s and Ram Island were considered part of Marblehead. It was leased in 1889 by Captain John Wooldredge for “ballast,” and in 1913 y Albert Prince for a “Boy’s Camp.” Today the island is protected by the Tinker’s Island Association. In 1969 the city of Salem laid claim to the island successfully.