Wednesdays in Marblehead resumes after the brief hiatus to shoot foliage in Vermont (if you missed the iPhone sneak peak, click HERE for the final shot – it’s the first on the page).  I have been meaning to post this image for a while now but other shots kept cutting ahead of it.  This was taken at the end of August and I still remember how warm and humid it was on this night and how many mosquitoes kept buzzing around me as I shot this.

I had noted the colors developing as the sun set and decided to drive over to Village Street to see if there might be a good image to be had over there.  I was not disappointed as the pink tinged clouds offered some great color and the still water reflected them and the houses to the left.  As a bonus, the sliver of a moon peaked out for this one frame.

It felt good to be back in my old stomping grounds.  We had rented a house near here for 3 years before finding a house to buy and I would head down here on countless nights to shoot the sunset well before ‘Wednesdays in Marblehead’ was born.