Continuing with this week’s theme of showing images from each of the 5 days of our recent Spring storm, here is the one from Friday, March 8th.  If you haven’t blocked out all memories of this storm, Friday was a whopper.  We started the day with about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  What was supposed to let up by noon ended up adding another 8 inches throughout the day.  School was cancelled and roads were a mess.

I was at work but got out a bit early and had the forethought to bring my camera gear with me.  I set out from work to try to explore the results of the storm with a first stop along Ocean Avenue, then up to Chandler Hovey Park and finally (I thought) to Castle Rock.  I have lots of images to share from each of these stops.  Suffice it to say that Chandler Hovey wasn’t that impressive while I was there and I headed over to Castle Rock as high tide set in.  Now, in the back of my mind, I knew that great sunsets usually follow big storms but the cloud cover seemed too thick and I may have lost track of time up there on the top of the rock shooting wave after wave – each seemingly bigger than the last.

As I cleaned my lens of sea spray for the 10th time, I glanced to my left and saw the pinkest sky you can imagine.  Within minutes I had scampered down and was running to the car.  Not five minutes from first spotting the sunset, I was driving back to Chandler Hovey in hopes of capturing the light.  As I drove the light got bigger and better.  The whole sky erupted in color and I sat there cursing myself for missing this.  I finally pulled into the parking lot as the light rapidly faded and ran again to the edge of the rocks for some quick shots.

I had very little hope for any good images as I drove back in a sour mood.  It wasn’t until I loaded the card onto the computer that I saw the images had managed to capture some of the amazing color from that night.  I shared one image over the weekend as I simply couldn’t wait to show it but saved this long exposure version

[LINK if you missed it].  Normally, this would have appeared on Long Exposure Tuesday but the day-by-day theme got in the way.  Hope you don’t mind a little switch in days.

One added benefit of longer exposures (20 seconds in this case) is that they can grab more of the color.  I actually had to tone down the saturation a bit to keep this from looking fake.