It has been a while since I’ve gone out to take a long exposure image and this Tuesday spot has been taken up by other images in the interim.  On Monday, July 15th, I found myself with an opportunity to do so once again and headed out in search of subjects.  I had an idea for a shoot at Devereux Beach and arrived there at 6pm to see if I could make it happen.  When I saw these soft wispy clouds hanging over the ocean, I changed my plan and decided to shoot over the water instead.  The three white markings are the swim area buoys.  I decided to leave them in to break up the grey colors of the water in this black and white image.

In the past, I had used the B+W ND110 screw on 10-stop filter.  While that filter is very good at blocking light, it is a royal pain to work with as refocusing once the filter is screwed on is all but impossible.  I finally bought the Lee Filter system with a Hitech Prostop 2 10-stop filter and this was it’s maiden test.  It was amazing how much easier the composition and focus was to achieve and how effortless it was to reseat the filter for the shot.  Hopefully, there will be a lot more long exposures in the near future.

Technical info on this one: iso 50 f/22 with a shutter speed of 237 seconds (4 minutes)