This past Summer in Marblehead has to rank among the most perfect (weather wise) in a very long time.  We had a mild June and July followed by a blast of heat and humidity at the end of August/early September and then the cool (but not too cold) days of late Summer/early Fall came.  This weekend, though, brought back the warmth and humidity to stave off that Autumn and soon-to-be Winter chill for at least a few more days.  While not meeting the technical definition of an Indian Summer in Marblehead (the Farmer’s almanac states the warmth has to occur between November 11 and 20 for some reason), I don’t think many would argue that that phrase fits quite well in describing this past weekend.

On Sunday, I decided to try to capture images of our Indian Summer while also hoping to find some early signs of Fall in the form of foliage.  I began in the area around Little Harbor and had captured quite a few scenes there (I’ll share one tomorrow) before heading home.  After making a quick and early dinner, I headed out again hoping the wispy clouds and humidity might stick around to put on a nice show at sunset.

I decided to drive out to Marblehead Neck and then to Corinthian Lane from where I had envisioned a few compositions.  This was one of the first images I captured.  I had to cut off Abbot Hall to the right as the sun was too bright to balance with the rest of the scene.  As you can see in the foreground, there are some nice reds and yellows to help place this image in the Fall and, with the warmth of the light and the beauty of our harbor, capture the feel of this Indian Summer in Marblehead.