I had missed out on a surprisingly vibrant sunset on Wednesday night and made up for it with tonight’s fire in the sky that erupted over the Village street pier. We had been out on a friend’s new boat for a tour around the harbor and just returned when I spotted the makings of a nice sunset. At exactly the same moment, my son asked for a ride home so he could meet up with friends.

I had my camera with me for shooting the harbor and drove back with an eye to the sky the entire time. As we neared Village street, I turned down and parked in front of the pier. I ran out to shoot the incredible sunset that seemed to catch the hot and humid air of the coming heat wave on fire. I shot several different compositions but liked this one best with the small river of water snaking toward Salem harbor and picking up the color in the sunset sky.

Hope you caught a glimpse of this tonight and hope you have plans to stay cool during the heat wave this weekend.