On any other night, being able to capture a sunset rainbow would have made me giddy and want to rush home to share the image on my site. On this particular night, the sky would end up exploding in color only ten minutes later and this otherwise beautiful view of a rainbow and pink cloud over a full Marblehead Harbor become relegated to the ‘to be published’ folder.

I plan to spend this Wednesday in Marblehead working on the rest of the images from this evening one week ago as well as dropping off my first shipment of calendars at the Post Office. If you had any issues with placing your calendar order, I apologize. I had a few bugs to sort out including the website adding a shipping fee when it shouldn’t (fixed and the two orders that were affected refunded) as well as refusing to ship to anywhere in Maryland (oops!). Anyway, if you were stuck because of either issue, they are now fixed.