I’m not quite sure what color I’m looking at in this September sunset over Marblehead harbor. This was the view I had from Crocker Park on September 4th when a storm passed just before sunset and I witnessed a huge orange sky and incredible clouds over the Neck. I had to use my widest lens in a vertical orientation and shoot a multi-image panorama to take in the full scene.

I was still shooting as the light changed and, five minutes later, I was staring at this. Is it still orange? Or pink? Or pink-orange???

Whatever the color, the sky was incredible to take in and later explore on a computer monitor with neat details like the swim area marker and the lighthouse’s green beacon breaking up the purple sky at the horizon.

The harbor is now only half-filled with boats but another storm is supposed to come through tonight so there’s at least a chance of some interesting color for sunset or tomorrow’s sunrise…

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