I didn’t have much hope for capturing tonight’s blue moon. I had started off at Fort Sewall (my first time since they reopened the site) and had just decided that the low lying haze would block any hope of a good moonrise.  I headed over to the Little Harbor Lobster Company’s lot and parked with a view of little harbor and waited just in case.

Just as the blue hour hit with a deep blue sky, the August blue moon (the third of four full moons in a season) rose in the clearing of trees over Gerry Island. I scrambled out of the car, set up and got this shot. This was the very first image I captured but then kept at it until the mosquitoes became too bothersome. In the end, it was my first shot that I liked best from the series. Hope you enjoy this Barengat Blue Moon on my first outing in weeks.

PS – thanks to everyone who has helped vote for entries in next year’s calendar. I’ll have the front and back cover reveal tomorrow as well as a special PreOrder sale. Stay tuned and stay mindful of the coming storm.