Sunset Sky over Marblehead Harbor

Last week, I shared an image taken by drone of Chandler Hovey Park from ten feet above the water and the green marker leading into harbor.  Today's image comes from a shot two minutes and 390 feet higher as I took the drone up as far as I could and captured the incredible view of Marblehead Neck, the causeway and a full harbor under a picture perfect sunset sky. The otherwise clear conditions allowed for endless visibility and you can just make out the familiar Boston skyline at the horizon line to the right of the causeway.  With the remnants [...]

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Catching the Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

As the sun set on September 10th, I quickly flew my drone back from its spot over the green buoy at the mouth of the harbor to Chandler Hovey Park.  I returned just in time to angle the camera toward the familiar landmark of Marblehead Light and lucked out with a slight gust of wind that set the flag flying in the air. It wasn't until I returned home that I discovered the best part of the image - silhouettes of people enjoying and catching the sunset themselves.  As you look around the scene, you'll find a number of silhouettes [...]

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The Causeway from Above

The week wouldn't be complete without a view of the causeway from above thanks to the newest camera in my arsenal, the Phantom 4 Pro.  I flew over the causeway in early December and composed this image to highlight the ultimate purpose of this thin band of land - to separate the Atlantic ocean in all of its power from the still and protected waters of Marblehead harbor. You can see the waves lapping against the Atlantic side of the causeway and appreciate the power that comes to bear on this section of land with each storm.

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Four Hundred Feet over Marblehead Neck

I just couldn't wait to share tonight's sunset over Marblehead Neck.  I had a small window to shoot tonight but the building clouds which began to appear around 4pm made me certain that the sunset would be worth chasing.  I stopped home after dropping my kids at their afternoon activities and headed out with an idea for an aerial panorama of Marblehead Neck. I was a bit worried as the winds would gust on the ground and I received a few warnings from the drone as I took it up to four hundred feet over Marblehead Neck from the launch [...]

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