Purple Rain over the Harbor

Shortly after yesterday's image of that orange sky over Crocker, the thunderstorm arrived and a mix of wind and rain pelted the few people at Crocker Park. I stood under the gazebo and watched the sky, then radar, hoping the storm would move fast enough to allow me to capture a rainbow over the Neck. The storm ended up building then stalling so I missed the chance for a rainbow but made sure to run out as the rain slowed to take in the view of purple rain over the harbor. The rain was actually to my left over the [...]

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Purple Afterglow

Maybe the last shot for now from the night of June 15th and the series of images I've shared over the past week.I had another keeper from a bit earlier that I really, really liked but not sure if the scenes (though varied by focal length, light and composition) might be getting a bit repetitive... Anyway, this was the last shot of the night at 8:28pm when the gold faded and soft purple afterglow took shape over Marblehead harbor. Hope you liked this peak into the many, many keepers that can come from a single night out in our incredibly [...]

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Top 10 of 2019 – #4 – Dawn’s Early Light in Marblehead

Another April image (taken two weeks before yesterday's shot of the Jackson Cup) from when I woke up in the pre-dawn hours and headed out to Crocker Park. I really lucked out with the light at dawn and a scene of two boats in their moorings, the expanse of Childrens Island and the lighthouse's green beacon reflecting in the broken stillness of water in the harbor. The light moved from pink to purple and red and I ended up with several compositions but this was my favorite image of the morning. For great light and a painterly scene of early [...]

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Dawn’s Early Light in Marblehead

I mentioned in my last post that I had a dream about missing the sunrise and had lamented a few missed opportunities in the past few weeks. With a storm heading our way, I decided to check on cloud forecasts for Sunday morning and found the results promising. With that in mind, I set an alarm and went to bed hoping for a nice showing of dawn's early light... I left the house before dawn and drove down Pleasant Street heading to Crocker Park. As I drove, I looked up at the sky and thought I saw hints of purple [...]

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Pink Sky over Purple Waves at Devereux Beach

Today's image comes from the incredible dawn that took place on October 29 before the storm (literally) blew through town.  I had started off with a tight crop of the ocean waves and wet sand reflecting the building colors in the sky.  As the dawn reached its peak, it created a pink sky over purple waves washing ashore at Devereux Beach.  After capturing this image, I began to zoom out and captured a much wider view as the entire sky took on pink hues (I shared that one as soon as I got home). I'm curious which you prefer - [...]

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Sunset Sky over Marblehead Harbor

Last week, I shared an image taken by drone of Chandler Hovey Park from ten feet above the water and the green marker leading into harbor.  Today's image comes from a shot two minutes and 390 feet higher as I took the drone up as far as I could and captured the incredible view of Marblehead Neck, the causeway and a full harbor under a picture perfect sunset sky. The otherwise clear conditions allowed for endless visibility and you can just make out the familiar Boston skyline at the horizon line to the right of the causeway.  With the remnants [...]

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Purple Sunset and a Golden Weathervane

Though yesterday's snow started off with beautiful big flakes, the wind picked up too fast to allow for any good photo opportunities.  As we remain firmly in stick and mud season, I turned to my archive of images for this week's posts.  Though I have now shared over 1,400 images of Marblehead on this site, I still have over 650 in the 'to be posted' folder from outings that resulted in too many images to share... Today's shot comes from an incredible night at Crocker Park.  I had gone out to shoot the full moon and had just taken a [...]

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Pink Clouds and Purple Haze – Corker of a Marblehead Sunset

Marblehead, you never cease to amaze me.  It has been almost 6 years since I started this Wednesdays in Marblehead project and I still find myself going out to chase a sunset in the hopes of capturing some good light and then, once in a while, something like this develops and it's all I can do to take a breath and try to do some justice to the beauty in front of my eyes. On Friday night, I headed out the door after work as clouds developed and then broke apart near where the sun was due to set.  I [...]

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Purple Sky over Castle Rock

I mentioned in Tuesday's post that I had taken a number of images on August 4th - this is one that I almost missed!  I was set up for sunset at Parker Lane happily shooting boats in Marblehead harbor perched on a rock when I started to wonder if the sunset might fizzle out.  The sky before me was looking less impressive and I happened to look back to compare when I spotted a growing mass of purple sky overhead.  I quickly hopped off the rock and raced to my car with an immediate thought of heading to Castle Rock. [...]

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Purple Light and the Coming Storm

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had gone out at dawn to capture images of Doliber Cove specifically because a storm was forecast for later that day.  A coming storm usually signals good light at dawn as in the old adage 'red sky in morning, sailor take warning'.  As it turns out, the coming storm would bring some incredible purple light with it later that evening... I had gone out again on the night of July 1 to participate in the Marblehead Festival of Arts Awards Night ceremony at Abbot Hall.  Since the full moon was due to rise [...]

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