Exploding Waves at Castle Rock

After witnessing the power of Hurricane Sandy yesterday, I decided to head out again during the noon high tide to try to see if the remaining power of the storm might make for some interesting scenes.  As I drove across the causeway, the sky started to brighten and clear.  When I parked at Castle Rock, I was awed by the size of the waves crashing to shore. The first image I captured was the one above with someone standing atop the rock and trying to capture the scene.  Next I walked over to get the southern view with huge rolling [...]

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Hurricane Sandy Hits Marblehead

Hurricane Sandy came to Marblehead today and brought with her incredible winds and waves.  I managed to drive out during my lunch hour and hit Surf Street then Devereux beach followed by some time spent catching waves crash on to and over the causeway.  It was incredible to witness and capture the strength of this storm as it hit.  Hope you enjoy this look at the power of Hurricane Sandy.  

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So Long Irene

It looks like Hurricane Irene is making her way past with a bit of wind left over but, thankfully, very little damage reported so far.  I ventured out after the rains let up around noon looking for more signs of Irene's power along the coast.  I started at Spray Avenue where I could shoot the waves with some protection from the wind and spray.  I then headed over to Greystone Beach which I have been wanting to shoot for some time.  I have a couple of shots that I liked from there but this slower one of a developing wave [...]

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