Surf Street

Dancing Waves at Flirtation Rock

After exploring the causeway, Front street and the Landing, I made my way to a favorite spot on Surf Street looking down at the small cove bordered by Flirtation Rock and Bass Rock. This is a great vantage point for watching waves crashing against the sea wall and I took plenty of shots of that. However, as I watched one wave recede from the wall and meet another oncoming wave, the sheer power of the two met in the middle to create explosions of water. The small cove seemed to come to life with these dancing waves that reached incredible [...]

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Hurricane Sandy Hits Marblehead

Hurricane Sandy came to Marblehead today and brought with her incredible winds and waves.  I managed to drive out during my lunch hour and hit Surf Street then Devereux beach followed by some time spent catching waves crash on to and over the causeway.  It was incredible to witness and capture the strength of this storm as it hit.  Hope you enjoy this look at the power of Hurricane Sandy.  

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Sandy Meets Surf Street

As Hurricane Sandy makes her approach, the strength of the storm is starting to show.  I went out today to shoot some long exposures at high tide (and am working on those now) but I couldn't resist grabbing a few shots of the waves hammering the sea wall.  This is a shot from Surf Street which definitely earned its name today.  Caught this one wave as it exploded and sent off a great curl back out to sea.

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Along the Sea Wall

The first weekend in September brought great big waves at high tide and I decided to explore the ocean from the vantage point at Surf Street.  I ended up exploring the entire length of the sea wall until I reached the end and this small overlook.  The light hit at just the right moment and I caught some nice churning waves as they lapped against the rock mass below.

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Sunset over Crashing Waves from Surf Street

I was sitting at the computer last night having just finished reading Percy Jackson to my son and was getting ready to catch up on a backlog of photos.  As I caught up on Facebook posts, I saw one from All Marblehead giving photographers a heads up that a nice sunset was brewing.  I looked at my camera bag, back at the screen of photos and decided to head out... As soon as I got in the car, I realized I made the right choice - nice pink clouds in the sky.  Only problem was that it seemed like colors [...]

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A Fiery Sunset on Surf Street

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Warwick Theater Foundation's Auction night to raise money for a new movie theater in town.  I had donated a print for the auction and planned to head over around 6.  Looked out my window and saw some nice clouds and figured we just might get a nice sunset out of them.  I quickly drove down to the corner of Surf Street and Spray Avenue and set up the camera just as the sky seemed to catch on fire.  This was the peak of the beautiful sunset. I mentioned to one of [...]

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