lifeguard chair

The Lifeguard Chair – Sunstar and Volleyball net

Here is another shot from Saturday night's study of the newly painted lifeguard chairs.  This was the only shot I had planned for the outing.  I had originally hoped for a sunrise sunstar but realized the angles were never going to work.  Instead I managed to capture the sun setting against the leg of the lifeguard chair while the volleyball net stands ready and Lime Rickey's does a brisk Summer business.

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The Lifeguard Chair at Sunset

This weekend I noticed that the normally white lifeguard chairs at Devereux beach had been painted red with an added Red Cross behind them.  I made a note to come back and shoot them and was fortunate to have time on Saturday night to do so.  Even better were the colors of sunset that added a beautiful pink hue to the clouds over the ocean.  I have a number of favorite shots from this night and will be posting more this week. I am now on Google+ so, if you are on there as well, please add me to one [...]

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