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Devereux Beach under an Awesome Sky

On Tuesday night, an incredible sunset formed over Marblehead. I had made my way to Devereux Beach and was focused on capturing the rainbow and golden clouds over the Atlantic Ocean but, once those began to fade, turned and saw this scene.  I quickly ran across the sand to compose this shot using the lifeguard chair as the focal point and adjusting my position to place the red chair above the horizon. With the playground in the distance, the beach is instantly recognizable and the sand served to bring added oranges and reds to the otherwise boring ground cover.

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Year of Rainbows

I think I captured more rainbows in 2012 than I have in all other years combined. This was truly the 'year of rainbows' in Marblehead and, on this particular evening - June 23, 2012 - I headed to Devereux Beach after a brief shower. The lifeguard chairs had recently been painted red and I decided to compose this shot of the red lifeguard chair lit by the setting sun and the rainbow perfectly formed at its feet.

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Churning Waves and the Lifeguard Chair

As a storm makes its way up the East coast, I'm reminded of this view of churning waves and the lifeguard chair from early September.  The storm that threatened us then led only to some incredible waves and awesome surfing scenes amidst picture perfect weather.  Here's hoping that Florida receives nothing more than a glancing blow and that we see some more wave action headed our way.

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Off Duty at Devereux Beach

From September 5th and my third trip to Devereux Beach to capture images of incredible waves.  A lifeguard chair stands empty as huges waves come ashore meaning guards are off duty at Devereux Beach. *Photos will continue but descriptions may be sparse until Sept 28 as I am studying for the Allergy and Immunology Board exam which we need to take every 10 years

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The Lifeguard Chair on Devereux Beach

With the strong sunset colors of yesterday's image (and the equally strong ones in tomorrow's shot), I thought I would switch to black and white for today's post.  This was taken at Devereux Beach in August while my wife was out of town and I was looking for something to keep the kids occupied.  It promised to be a warm evening so I grabbed the camera and we headed out to Devereux beach. The beach was surprisingly empty though you can see the cloud cover in this photo which kept it from being a great beach day.  The kids still [...]

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The Lifeguard Chair and the Rainbow

Devereux beach was my first stop after Saturday's storm passed and the sun dipped below the clouds. As I arrived, I saw this rainbow in the distance and noted that the lifeguard chairs were back.  These were a favorite subject last year (click here) and I quickly ran to compose this image containing two of my 'favorite things'. It was only after shooting this rainbow that I turned and noted the much larger one situated over the Neck.  I posted the first shot of that bow over Children's Island on Monday (click here) and have more to share in the [...]

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The Lifeguard Chair at Midnight

Continuing with the 'Sometime Around Midnight' series, and returning to a personal favorite, here is the lifeguard chair at Devereux beach.  I admit to a bit of an obsession with these chairs and had to include one in the midnight series.  Again this was taken in the dark but the exposure took two minutes and thus was able to capture all available light.  You can see the moon overhead and the stars streaking by.  The yellow tint on the chair is from the lights on the causeway.  The distant lights to the right are caused by the city of Boston [...]

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The Sturgeon Moon rises over Devereux Beach

The Full Moon was due to rise on Saturday, August 13th but clouds threatened to block its ascent.  I plotted out where the Sturgeon moon was due to rise and struggled with a landmark that would capture the town of Marblehead as well as the beauty of moonrise.  It was when I noticed its position in relation to Devereux beach that I had my answer.  After making a study of the lifeguard chairs, I knew they would feature in this image.  I backed up so that I could fit the chair and the moon's path with my 200mm lens that [...]

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Last of the Lifeguard Chairs on Devereux Beach

Finding these lifeguard chairs on Devereux beach last week was a very pleasant surprise.  Having great light to work with as I sought out to capture them was an even better one.  Thank you for your comments here and on the Facebook page.  I really appreciate it.  Here are the last two images from the series.

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