Pleon yacht club

Between the Pylons

And this was the view looking to the left from my spot along Foster Street from the night of October 30th. I normally would compose the image to focus on Abbot Hall and the distant skyline but noticed that the sunset was perfectly reflecting off the water between the pylons of the Pleon pier. I times this shot to capture the white surf in the foreground and pink-red hue of sunset light reflecting. The focal point quickly shifted to the pier and Abbot Hall and the distant houses fell into the backdrop.

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Marblehead Junior Race Week Begins

Today marks the start of Marblehead Junior Race Week.  Young sailors from the Pleon Yacht Club as well as those from the Boston, Corinthian, Eastern and Manchester clubs will compete in races using a variety of boats in the waters off Marblehead. If you have a chance, head over to Marblehead Neck and watch these sailors compete from today through Wednesday.

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