Up the Cherry Blossom Tree

If you have followed my site for at least the past year, you would know that cherry blossoms are forever tied with thoughts of Spring in my mind.  After a number of years spent living in Washington, DC, I don't feel that Spring has sprung until the cherry blossoms begin showing their pink flowers. In 2014, I found that my favorite patch of cherry blossoms at Harris Street cemetery had hit an incredible peak bloom and I captured the view over a span of several days.  In this image taken on April 25th, I decided to put the camera against [...]

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Sun Rays through Cherry Blossoms

The past month has been a brutal one with a record amount of snow and more on the way.  With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to post a 'warm' photo and nothing matches cherry blossoms for the feeling of a warm Spring day. This image was captured on April 25th, 2014.  So we only have two months to go until the snow melts and the beauty of Spring erupts.

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Keep it Local – Crosby’s Marketplace

I have tried to feature local businesses on Fridays but really felt the need to post a photo of Spring as this too-long Winter comes to a close.  When I looked in my archive, I found this shot taken on April 14, 2012 and figured I could get the proverbial two birds with one shot... Crosby's Marketplace is a compact supermarket located off Washington Street in historic Downtown.  The family owned market has been serving Marblehead for decades and has a few other stores located throughout the North Shore. Within a few weeks, this tree should be in bloom again. [...]

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A Perfect Spring Day in Marblehead

I mentioned on Friday that the two flowers I strive to photograph each year are sunflowers and cherry blossoms.  Since living in Washington, DC and being spoiled by the view of cherry blossoms lining the tidal basin there, these flowers have become synonymous with the start of Spring. This year, I happened upon the most incredible display of cherry blossoms since moving to Marblehead five years ago.  I discovered this crop of trees in the midst of the Harris Street Cemetery one day and ended up coming back to shoot for three days in a row in early morning and, [...]

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The Magnolia Tree at Our Lady Star of the Sea

Wednesday, April 24th ended up being quite a busy day for me with multiple stops during which I tried to capture the first signs of Spring.  There's nothing like those first few days in which the trees start to blossom and the feel of a long, cold Winter begins to fade. On this particular day, I had started off shooting my favorite tree in town on Washington Street and then continue around town looking for more trees in full bloom.  This particular tree intrigued me as it seemed at just the right position from which I could also capture the [...]

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Tulips Rising Before St. Stephen’s Church

Earlier this week, I put up a number of framed, canvas and metal prints at the Starbucks where they will remain for the month and where I will be during the Marblehead Art Walk on Saturday from 1-4pm.  On my way home, I drove by the median where Lafayette and Humphrey merge into Pleasant Street and noticed the tulips had blossomed.  As I drove by, I also saw that there was a nice composition to be had by shooting the tulips with St. Stephen's Church as the backdrop and decided to return later in the week. On Tuesday, the sun [...]

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Abbot Public Library in Spring

Spring seemed to take a long time to develop this year and when it did the trees seemed about ready to burst forth out of their Winter dormancy.  When April rolled around, I asked for suggestions on trees that were coming to bloom and received a suggestion about this tree at the Abbot Public Library.  At the first opportunity, I visited the library and found that I had missed the peak bloom with more than a few petals having fallen to the ground.  That being said, the light was incredible and, when the wind picked up just enough, the flag [...]

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On a Street Lined with Magnolia Trees

I mentioned in Monday's post that I had gone out on Saturday, April 20th to try to capture trees at peak bloom once the rain finally let up.  My first stop was Garnet Street which lies off Beach Street.  I had accidentally happened upon this street lined with magnolia trees when I took advantage of the first warm day to take my kids to Devereux beach.  Since then, I had been stopping here to check the status of the trees. I had photographed the street on April 17th when the trees had been at peak bloom but wasn't happy with [...]

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