Star of the Sea

Star of the Sea

Last week, as I flew my drone to capture images of a baseball game at Seaside Park, I also noted the Star of the Sea church and its lush border of trees.  I had never appreciated from the ground just how many trees cover this area of land along Atlantic Avenue.  From the air, it was hard to ignore the canopy of trees and so I decided to compose this image to highlight the trees as much as the gothic architecture of the Catholic church. You can easily make out Abbot Hall breaking through the horizon and a hint of [...]

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Peak Foliage in Marblehead – The Tree on the Avenue

There are a few trees in town that have become my favorites over these past 5 years and the maple on Atlantic Avenue near the Seaside park sign is among them.  I had gone out on Saturday in grey, flat light and found this tree to have reached almost peak foliage.  The weather was due to turn for the better the next morning and so I made the quick decision to wake up early and try to capture theist tree at peak foliage in better light. I started off shooting around Doliber Cover and Little Harbor (come back Thursday and [...]

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The Magnolia Tree at Our Lady Star of the Sea

Wednesday, April 24th ended up being quite a busy day for me with multiple stops during which I tried to capture the first signs of Spring.  There's nothing like those first few days in which the trees start to blossom and the feel of a long, cold Winter begins to fade. On this particular day, I had started off shooting my favorite tree in town on Washington Street and then continue around town looking for more trees in full bloom.  This particular tree intrigued me as it seemed at just the right position from which I could also capture the [...]

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Long Exposure – Our Lady Star of the Sea Church

At the end of February, the weather turned and the forecasters were predicting 50 MPH wind gusts.  The day started off with blue skies but, rather quickly, clouds started to move in.  With the wind pushing them faster and faster, I knew I could turn the conditions to my advantage.  I started off shooting Abbot Hall and then wandered through town trying to keep the tripod steady through the winds and for exposures averaging 25 seconds. I made it down to Atlantic Avenue and was about to call it a day when I stopped in front of the Our Lady, [...]

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