Tedesco Country Club

Fall Colors at Tedesco Country Club

Last Fall proved to be a down year for foliage in Marblehead after the drought took hold of our town for much of the Summer and Fall.  And so, when I spotted this crop of trees displaying their Fall colors at the Tedesco Country Club on an early November evening, I had to pull over and capture the scene. The light of sunset was soft and not at all dramatic but that seemed to suit the subtle colors in this small group of trees.

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The Road to Tedesco

  In early April 2014, I received my modified Canon 50D from a shop specializing in infrared photography.  They added a filter in front of the camera's sensor that only let infrared light in.  As green objects reflect a lot of infrared and blue absorbs a significant amount, a black and white infrared image features dark black skies and brilliant white grass and foliage. With this in mind, my very first stop was the Tedesco Country Club.  I stopped here and found a composition with the road to Tedesco passing a beautiful crop of trees.  The end result was exactly what [...]

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Fall in Marblehead – Perfect Morning for Golf at Tedesco Country Club

On Wednesday, October 23rd, the Town of Marblehead seemed primed to display peak Fall foliage colors.  I had been scouting locations for two weeks and the conditions seemed perfect on this Fall morning to venture out and capture them all.  I plan on sharing images this week taken from this single day and showcasing five very different Fall views of Marblehead. Tedesco Country Club was my first stop on this particular morning.  I had been watching a few trees that line the first hole and noticed their color gradually changing and brightening over the week.  I arrived on Salem Street [...]

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The Snow Trap at Tedesco Country Club

Is it safe to post photos of snow yet?  I know I'm tired of seeing the white stuff but have to admit it can make for some incredible photo opportunities.  In late December, we had a particular good sized storm.  The day after, the sun came up behind a bank of clouds and produced great diffused light.  This was just what I had needed for this particular image and I head out to Tedesco Country Club to see if I could capture what I had visualized.  As I made my way on the greens, I noted the sand trap was covered [...]

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Ready for a Round of Golf at the Tedesco Country Club

On Fridays, I try to focus on a local business and the Tedesco Country Club may be the newest oldest one that I have photographed to date.  Incorporated over one hundred years ago, the main house recently completed construction.  I drove out here this past Wednesday wondering if the interplay of clouds would make for an interesting sunset.  I was rewarded with the presence of two golf bags standing in front of the putting green and knew that I had the composition I was after.  The subtle sunset light helped as well.  Enjoy the image and have a great Labor [...]

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