Old Burial Hill

Three Volleys on Old Burial Hill

Last night, Glover's Regiment met in front of Old Town House before their annual memorial march to Old Burial Hill to commemorate the life of John Glover. I hadn't previously had the chance to join the Regiment on this march and was thrilled to take part this year under cool (but not miserable) conditions. There were two other photographers there shooting for the Reporter and Daily Item and the three of us tried to stay out of each other's shots as we walked ahead of the Regiment along Washington Street towards Glover's burial place. When we reached Old Burial Hill, [...]

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Playing with Shadows on Old Burial Hill

I'm curious what you think of today's image of shadows on Old Burial Hill after a recent snowstorm.  One of the aspects of shooting with my new Phantom 4 Pro is the ability to capture Marblehead from new angles and perspectives. I captured this image looking straight down on an early morning at the intersection of Old Burial Hill and Redd's Pond.  I tried the accentuate the long shadows cast by trees and gravestones at Old Burial Hill created by the angle of the sun and the fresh coat of snow. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Light Up the Trees

So as luck would have it, this image was waiting in line next to yesterday's image of the lifeguard chair on an empty beach.  I went back to view all images taken on this day and remembered there was a "smoky sou'wester" that explained this phenomenon.  I had never heard the term until a gentleman floating in the waters of Doliber Cove shared it with me. Anyway, this image of a flag planted near a small grave marker at Old Burial Hill came from a walk around Marblehead exploring the foggy conditions.  The angle of the sun and fog served [...]

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Buried in Snow at Old Burial Hill

Another image from my outing on Wednesday, February 25.  After exploring Brown's Island, Ben and I headed over to Redd's Pond and then walked across the snow covered frozen water to Old Burial Hill.  I captured a few images of gravestones buried in snow before reaching the gazebo and taking in this view. You'll have to pardon the pun but I'm sure everyone in Marblehead feels as though we have been buried in snow and here, at Old Burial Hill, that has literally become the case.

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Fog and Shadows at Old Burial Hill

Back to the days of fog in mid-July for this image of Old Burial Hill.  I had started photographing scenes of dense fog resulting from a Smoky Sou'Wester on Beacon Street at Grace Oliver beach and then walked from there until I ended up at Old Burial Hill and, later, Redd's Pond. As I made my way around gravestones in the old cemetery, I noticed the way the light broke through the trees with the fog accentuating the contrast of light and shadows.  I stopped at this point and switched to a vertical orientation to capture the fog and shadows at [...]

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The Worm Moon rises over Old Burial Hill

The Worm Moon rose on March 7th and I was determined to find a new vantage point from which to shoot it.  I had planned on capturing its rise over the house at Redds pond but, as the minutes ticked by and the moon failed to appear, I walked around the pond and eventually up to Old Burial Hill.  There I spotted this scene of a full moon rising over gravestones dating back hundreds of years and decided this was the image I should capture.

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A Purple Sky over Old Burial Hill

June 20th turned out to be an incredible productive day.  It started on Beacon Street shooting the 'Marblehead or the Real World' sign and then progressed to a sunset shot of Gerry Island.  On my way home, I somehow found myself at the base of Old Burial Hill and figured I would wander up as the light faded in the sky.  I found this tree surrounded by gravestones and set up to photograph it.  Just then, the sky took on an incredible purple hue that grew stronger and stronger.  It just goes to show that the sky can continue to [...]

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Here Lyes Buried – Halloween Week

After finding the praying mantis, we wandered around the tombstones until we found this one dated 1690 and holding the body of a gentleman 'aged about 70 years'.  My five-year-old son was so enthralled by the skull and writing that he sat there and carefully sounded out each word until turning to me and grinned from ear to ear having read the entire inscription.  I just had to photograph the stone at that point.

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From the Grave – Halloween Week

It's the week before Halloween so I figured it was the perfect time to feature images taken in Marblehead's cemeteries.  This first one comes from Old Burial Hill.  My son and I attended the International Free Sail Regatta at Redd's Pond and, while everyone got their boats ready, we explored neighboring Old Burial Hill.   He quickly spotted this praying mantis standing on a gravestone with beautiful morning light behind him.  I crouched down and crept closer and closer with my zoom extended to try to capture every minute detail.  Next time you visit Old Burial Hill, keep your eye out [...]

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