I had another gravestone from Old Burial Hill planned for today’s post but yesterday’s sunrise and possible UFO sighting pre-empted it.  This is the shot I was taking and during which I captured a possible UFO flying over the ocean.  First, some background:

I had first spotted this anchor at Beach Bluff Park several months ago but the sun was rising too far to the east for the composition I had in mind.  On Wednesday morning, I woke at 6:30 and checked the skies and was delighted to see a break at the horizon.  I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and headed down to Preston beach.  Once there, I set up for this shot in the dawn light exposing for the anchor and the brilliant sky.  In order to capture the incredible dynamic range in this scene, I actually took six images at shutter speeds ranging from 1/8th of second to a full 8 seconds.  I then brought those images together to show the scene as I saw it that morning.

If you look carefully on the right of the image just where the sky goes from orange to grey, you’ll see a small bright object.  I had noticed this briefly while out shooting but thought little of it at the time.  It was only when I arrived home and began to run through my photos that I noticed how little that object moved over a span of more than two minutes.  It hovered there through 16 exposures that each took as little as a half a second and as many as four to eight seconds each.  It was only at the end of the two minutes that three frames captured this object seeming to fly away at some speed.  I quickly cropped the photos to try to bring out some detail in the object and put together a timelapse of 10 frames all taken with the camera in a set position on the tripod.  You can see that timelapse here: LINK

So, in the spirit of Halloween, enjoy this beautiful sunrise and let me know what you think of that curious little object that seemed to be sharing the morning sky with me…

Mystery Solved!

Two years later and Andrew Hansford has put together an incredibly detailed and meticulously researched account of this morning.  He has identified the UFO but you’ll have to read this blog post to figure out the answer: READ MORE